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If you remember..

12/8/09 04:48 pm


11/28/09 02:13 am - BYE BYE D

i met clique last night. i'm proud to be in this clique!! talking about them, i started to miss them all ): i think i was a little drunk yesterday. hahaha. okay whatever it is. sooo.. i waited for his message today..i find myself quite dumb. ok I gave up! i won't bother about it anymore. without him i won't die! ok set. i'm gonna heck care. wanyee don't botherrrr.... wanyeee don't botherrr....

10/20/09 09:56 pm - after so long

ok back to livejournal. sorry livejournal. alright lets see, tomorrow is the last day of school. time flies, 4 years back what was i doing now? couldn't remember. I'm a little sad.ya just sad. idk why. that's so weird. ok i'm insane! I've waited for these days to come but couldn't bear to leave. just now i was thinkinggggg after 17 nov, how life gonna be like? idk. before exam i thought alot but now... i can't think of anything. how strange could this be. i miss many people now......

1/3/09 01:28 am - BACK!!!!

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